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A collection of lightning, sand, ice and storm clouds photographs from around the net. Amazing to see the true power of nature.

We asked The Weather Channel's world-renowned Tornado Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes…

plane landing with a tornado. It looks like a tornado coming up behind the plane.

Disaster Videos,Most brutal disaster videos in World history#1 - TechKriss|Video-media Technology

Picked up on a security camera in West Liberty, KY. Kentucky is a beautiful place. So sad these people had to endure such a horrific storm.


This crazy waterspout appeared on Saturday close to the shoreline near Bateman’s Bay, 140 miles south of Sydney, Australia.


Waterspouts are more frequent, but are still an unusual weather phenomena. A water spout is a funnel shaped cloud formed over a body of water.

2013 Moore Oklahoma Tornado - Crystalinks

tornado appearing to be attracted to the heat of the road asphalt as it begins decent.

Rozel Tornado by ryanmcginnisphoto on Flickr

If a behemoth like this were harnessed to power ANY SINGLE event on earth.it would turn something ordinary into something otherworldly.

Approaching Storm, Marshfield, Wisconsin


There Came a Wind (Wisconsin storm) by Phil~Koch. Green sky usually means perfect conditions for a tornado.