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Hiking is the answer

Hiking is... (Pedestris - Andar Encantado)

Leapin' off a Lily Pad: #14 Baer Canyon Hike

there's always adventure on dirt paths// You'll find a lot of beautiful places. Even in the core of downtown Toronto, I found a lot of pretty places that you can only access by taking non-existing paths.

Get moving in the great outdoors.Your Body can do anything its your brain you have to convince

Wow this movie spoke to me and through me.what better place to be than in nature.when grief is such a very long journey.

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in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ~ John Muir I like this quote but would amend it to say "In every walk with nature, people receive far more than they seek.

That is if I can hike, I never know what each day brings anymore.  A good walking day or a bad one

Daily motivation (25 photos)

I want to spend a TON of time outdoors with the family. I especially want to spend a lot of time outdoors with just Brian and I! This picture speaks to me because I love mountains, and exercise combined with that makes me feel excited inside!