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Kristínka je veselé, uvolnené a usmievavé bábätko. Strávili sme s ňou tri hodiny plné radosti. Radosť fotiť. :)

Kristínka je veselé, uvolnené a usmievavé bábätko. Strávili sme s ňou tri hodiny plné radosti. Radosť fotiť. :)

Is there anything sweeter than a pic of a child in a natural sleep?

Sleep Training Index ~ My Baby Sleep Guide - Your baby sleep problems solved! summery of all the diff techniques/books

Awww...Having a bad day? Look at this. There is no way you could walk away without a smile!

22 Vintage baby names for boys that are cool again

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Supernanny Has Your Baby Care Tips

spiritualinspiration TOO Sweet!

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take. My mother taught me this as a little girl. It was my nightly prayer before my "God Blesses" God Bless Her Always!

Babies yawns are so sweet

June Today our Muse is that delicious variety that melts your heart with one little opening of their toothless mouth. Baby yawns are the best!

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I'm doing with photo. She will be in this baby suite but light pink almost white with teal head band and toto.

"Snow, It's Snow, It's Actually Snow!!  Kind of remember it from last year, but not really...It's SNOW!"

This happy baby loves winter… A tiny little troop! Happy New Year

♕ p̴i̴n̴t̴e̴r̴e̴s̴t̴ ̴- ̴s̴k̴a̴t̴i̴n̴g̴c̴h̴a̴o̴s̴

baby girl...just gorgeous... looks like a porciline doll

I don't know this little one, but just looking at that innocent face & those beautiful eyes.brings a smile upon my face. What a beauty she is.

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

Wow. The innocence. Purity. Precious. They grow so fast.

“ themountainlaurel: “ Eline Visscher ” getting really impatient for my godson to be born ”

il tuo fratellino è nato ma tu già lo sai quando lo hai scelto hai voluto che assomigliasse a te e hai fatto centro.siamo pazzi per lui

Dreaming smile -one of my all time favorite things about newborn babies. I always believed that "dreaming smiles" was they went back to heaven in their dreams, just to pop in and say hi to their angel friends and God.

blonde and brunette babies - Google'da Ara

Cutie pie swim suits Janie and jack tulle swimsuit on right, has matching swim cap and sunglasses (!