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Hollyhocks Flowers...would look pretty in a garden or in front of the home

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Hollyhocks -pretty in a garden or in front of the home,make sure you have something for them to stand near(lattice or stakes) Plant a bunch of them for stunning results

Fields of Flowers!

"I have loved flowers that fade, within those magic tents rich hues have marriage made with sweet unmemoried scents.

Pimpinella Rosea with Geranium 'mrs kendall clarke'. The Pimpinella looked great with Ophiopogon 'Nigrescens'in Beth Chatto's garden

Pimpinella Rosea with Geranium mrs kendall clarke. The Pimpinella looked great with Ophiopogon Nigrescensin Beth Chattos garden

Achillea millefolium 'Wesersandstein' - Duizendblad

Achillea millefolium 'Wesersandstein' - Duizendblad drought resistant- yarrow, grass and echinacea cone flower

I love Wildflower looking arrangements and groups of flowers.

To create a beautiful meadow, you should carefully prepare the area to be seeded, sow seed evenly and thinly, cover lightly, and keep moist. In a comparative pl

Native meadow grasses and flowers. Meadows or mini-prairies are usually restorations of the grasses and flowers that grow naturally in the area (or close approximations of that ideal), made for viewing, walking through and enjoying.

Annual meadow flowers in Summer. I'd LOVE to have this in my front yard, instead of a big area of grass that has to be cut.