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Space efficient / no mess feeder system. For chickens.

Space efficient / no mess feeder system. For chickens. One for feed, grit, and oyster shell.

DIY PVC Pipe Chicken Feeder. A great idea to prevent chickens scooping the feed out of the feeder. by echkbet

DIY chicken feeder pvc/pipe - So far the best feeder idea I've seen (to me at least).

10 common chicken supplies that you can buy at the dollar store.

10 Chicken Supplies from the Dollar Store

Murano Chicken Farm: 10 Chicken Supplies you can find at the Dollar Store. Very good ideas of products to buy that will save you money buying at the dollar store instead of the feed store!

DIY chicken water and feeder from 5-gallon buckets Only $1 EACH!! The ones at the feed store this size are 50-60 dollars!

DIY Chicken Waterer and Feeder From 5-Gallon Buckets

Chicken water and feeder buckets DIY. For the water bucket used the holes in the top method. For the feeder, I bolted a large pot plant saucer to the bottom of the bucket so I could suspend it from the coop roof to keep rats and mice out of the feed.

Chicken feeders

DIY Chicken Waterer and Feerder. Will have to build from the picture because the site I saw was selling either instructions or materials. But it looks simple enough from the photo.

Bucket Chicken Nest Boxes

Chicken House Nest Boxes from 5 Gallon Buckets --I will be utilizing these under my built in nests

10 Tips for Happy Chickens

For when I have my chickens.Keep Your Chickens Clean and Happy - Live Green + Natural