Tahiti polynesian tattoo by Meatshop-Tattoo "Well, this is going ahead at a high pace. To introduce the project: This guy is half danish, half tahitian.

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15 Chest Tattoos for Men

Maori tattoo on arm Maori tattoo, aka Moko, is a form of body art practiced by indigenous Maori people in New Zealand (Maori name: Aotearoa). Like other tattoos of Polynesian islands, Maori tattoo designs are one of source patterns in… Continue Reading →

Tribal Family Tattoo

31 Family Tattoos For Men

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STEW (New Zealand) Stew is a born Kiwi. He is from the north of Auckland, the Wellsford area. He grew up on a farm.

Possibly me one day! Jeremiah 20:9; Exodus 22:18; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 all rolled into one tattoo. Can't friggin wait for some money to roll in for the tat.

These top 60 best tribal tattoos for men are symbols of membership, courage and boldness. Discover tribal designs and ideas dating back to the bronze age.

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