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Dandelion tattoos are quite popular among women, with creative and out-of-the-box designs and colors to choose from. Buzzle gives you 9 beautiful dandelion tattoo designs along with wonderful quotes that you can add to them.

6,853 Likes, 23 Comments - 타투이스트 바늘 (@tattooist_banul) on Instagram: “: Sweet pea  Close up . . #tattooistbanul #tattoo #tattooing #sweetpea #sweetpeatattoo #flower…”

6,853 Likes, 23 Comments - 타투이스트 바늘 (@tattooist_banul) on Instagram: “: Sweet pea Close up . . #tattooistbanul #tattoo #tattooing #sweetpea #sweetpeatattoo #flower…”

Floral micro-tattoo by Zihee. #Zihee #JiheeKim #flower #floral #subtle #micro #microtattoo #tiny #feminine #mini #southkorean

It may still be a few weeks until real flowers start to bloom, but these tattoos of roses, tulips, daisies and more are always in season.

25 Cool Inner Bicep Tattoo Ideas #armtattoosforwomen

25 Cool Inner Bicep Tattoo Ideas #armtattoosforwomen

corona de flores en el dedo

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Love the position and style of this one. Though my hands are nowhere near as ladylike.

Tatouage rose doigt

Finger tattoos could be one of the most stunning and concise tattoo designs, conveying meaning and indicating in a tiny package.

Tattooist Doy flower tattoo

Make certain you check the significance of the tattoo and have the tattoo created by a certified expert artist. Hence, it’s not surprising that flower tattoos have been in use almost so long as body art has been around.