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List the things that make me happy, can add pictures and embellishments
Color Mixing on Coffee Filters- Primary colors are one of the first art concepts I like to introduce young kids to in art. First, because they are a basic building block for for understanding how to make all kinds of things. And second, because mixing colors is kind of magical. Color mixing on coffee filters is a fun introduction to what happens when those primary colors mix together!
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Floral Mid Length Pencil Dress
Putting off doing the things that I really need to get done is a life-long hobby I've spent years perfecting. And even though Halloween is my *favorite* holiday, it's also the time that I like to really put my procrastination skills to work.  Thankfully, Pinterest has my back – and I have yours, so here's a list of ten currently-trending makeup ideas that you can do last-minute. No costume shopping (or planning) required.  This Lion King Halloween makeup look is absolutely incredible! Click…
20 Things You Wouldn't Think to Bring to College – SOCIETY19  I like this for the walls
Weekly Savings Plan that gets easier and easier - boost your savings account by $2700 this year!
I like this idea - but I envision it less orderly. Like instead have all of my "happy moments" scattered throughout the jar. ✨
The Top 10 things you have to see in Philadelphia!!