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DestinyBlue — worx - DestinyBlue or Alice de Ste Croix is a manga artist from the United Kingdom.


"Green-eyed girl avatar with freckles in violet tones, the artist DestinyBlue" I see Lucia when i look at this picture, it makes me think a what she looks like in the glow of a ghost oak.

Last Piece by DestinyBlue on @DeviantArt

Beautiful Anime Art - Puzzles, an interesting idea I do love the aesthetic though. First thing that pooped in my head was "Your the Missing piece.


Colorful Depression by lolitpop///this depicts how I feel when my mother refuses to accept my sexuality

Wonderful Illustrations by DestinyBlue

~ IMPACT MOON ~ Her eyes are formed from impact craters, in fact, her birth was from a giant impact; the moon. Our moon.

esta me encanta,ya que igual me encanta el color celeste

It's a double metaphor.the question mark is what she is holding, but also a part of her.