The first paragraph is correct, but it goes downhill from there. I use profanities when I'm good and angry and I do raise my voice.

this must mean my capricorn husband drives me nuts from time to time as I also need to use cruel words and profanities when totally pissed off.

Capricorn constellation Capricorn zodiac on 10 by TheMadPlatters

Capricorn constellation plate

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Traits of the Moon Signs. It can be speculated these are sometimes more indicative of our personality than our zodiac Sun Sign since it is very indicative of our conscious or subconscious emotional world. These are not the same as zodiac Sun Signs.

I understand why people would want this but seriously? We can't break down gender barriers with stuff like this. Some men like gardening some women don't. List goes on and on. Stop putting us in feminine and masculine categories please! I'm begging you at least!

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A Leo female is the queen of the jungle and only a King cab be with her.

to a fault! i get screwed over alot by getting over things so quickly.. but hey, life is to short to waste it being upset!

This is true about being a Leo. But never assume everything is ok. We forgive easily but hardly forget.