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Dress Floral Print - Dress | Ivko Woman

Unique, classically shaped dress that perfectly fits any figure. Bring out your elegance with the outstanding intarsia pattern that discreetly whispers luxury.


Sleek luxurious viscose pants with floral ornaments.

Long Dress Intarsia Pattern - Dress | Ivko Woman

Amazingly light cotton fabric is accentuated by lavish symmetric intarsia pattern that creates the breath-taking mood of luxury and elegance.

When I was a little girl, I told my mother that when I grew up, I wanted to wear a dress everyday. This dress is exactly what I meant by that.Maggie London Floral Sateen Dress.

Time Warp Wives ™ - Fashion & Beauty: Classic Fashion Designs: Maggy London and London Times!

Shirt Floral Print - Blouse/Top | Ivko Woman

Playful and feminine sheer summer shirt with gorgeous pattern. Share Wear it with Long Cardigan Floral Print - 71614 Pants -

Dress Forest Motifs - Dress | Ivko Woman

Distinctive wool dress that will spice up any occasion. Narrow through the bust and arms that ends up with the floating skirt that creates a swingy silhouette.

Jacquard Cardigan - Cardigan | Ivko Woman

Lovely round collar, button down cardigan ornamented with a buoyant arabesque of floral and geometrical motifs.