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🕶 4 Awesome Accessory Exercises! 🕶

Published on July 7, 2022
Most strength/hypertrophy programs will revolve around a few basic, compound lifts - bench press, overhead press, rows, pull-downs, squats, deadlifts, etc.
    These will help cover most of your bases, but you can dial in your workouts by adding in targeted accessory movements.
      Accessories are often single-joint exercises that target a specific muscle or muscle group, such as the glutes or delts, instead of the entire lower body or entire upper body, etc.
        Here are 4 awesome accessory exercises that you might consider adding into your own training!
          1. Constant Tension Lateral Raise - A slight tweak to an already great exercise can totally change up the feel and stimulus of this exercise. By eliminating the bottom few degrees of the ROM, you'll create/keep constant tension on your lateral delts (shoulders). This can be an awesome progression especially if one size dumbbells are too easy but you aren't quite able to jump to the next size - this can help you bridge the gap!
            2. Sissy Squat - If you don't have access to a leg extension machine, but you still want to work your quads specifically, the sissy squat (named after the Greek myth Sisyphus) has everything you need! This movement pattern is entirely dependent on knee flexion and extension (not combined with hip flexion and extension, like in a squat pattern), so your own body weight will probably be plenty challenging. If it's too challenging, you can self-assist by holding on to a band which will help slow your descent and aid in your ascent back up.
              3. Spider Curl - Much of your standard biceps training will challenge the biceps in their mid-length position, which is exactly what you want to primarily focus on. However, accessories like the spider curl change the strength curve of a movement to shift the focus to the shortened biceps position. In general, training muscles at varying lengths across your workouts is probably best!
                4. B-Stance RDL - I love single-leg RDLs, but the balance component often takes away from the actual tension that you're supposed to be applying to your glutes/hamstrings. This b-stance position acts as a kickstand which will aid in your stability. In turn, you should be able to lift a heavier weight than you would otherwise be listing if you were totally balancing on your own.
                  💡 As a bonus tip, start with adding 1 accessory movement at a time, and pick an exercise that targets a muscle group that's particularly important to you right now. If you want stronger glutes, try the B-Stance RDL; if you want bigger shoulders, try the Constant Tension Lateral Raise.
                    Enjoy the post and pin/save it for your next workout! 📌📌

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