This is the REAL way to do pine cone wreaths. My grandmother did it this way, and this is the best way to make them. - A Tutorial

How to Make a Pinecone Wreath - this is the best tutorial I've found, using a wide wire wreath form, wire, pliers and lots of pinecones + post shows wreaths that were spray painted and decorated - via Another Bright Idea

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40 Creative Pinecone Crafts for Your Holiday Decorations --> Frost-tipped Pinecones Wreath to Decorate Your Front Door

How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath

How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath Note: Position clockwise then counter clockwise, looks so cute!

Floppy Bow another bright idea: Pine Cone Wreaths - A Tutorial

Just because a Christmas craft is nature inspired doesn't mean it can't be glamorous too; you'll agree once you see this Gorgeous Glitter Pine Cone Wreath. Make an outdoor wreath that's not only meant to last the winter.

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New, unique wreath with painted pine cone "flowers". Wall decor, door wreath, home decor, gifts.

Fall Zinnia Pinecone Wreath

Tip of the Day Thursday-Pinecone Wreath A beautiful way to use your pinecone zinnias!

Simple materials get a textural upgrade, thanks to a little dose of white spray paint to reference a dusting of snow. Vary the coverage of spray paint so some pinecones are fully "snow covered" and others are lightly dusted. Let dry. Use 8-inch pieces of florists wire to attach pinecones to a wire wreath form. Hot-glue red jingle bells to the wreath, placing most of them on the full-white pinecones to help the color pop./

40+ Wreaths to Make Your Front Door Look Fabulous

Deck the halls with these gorgeous winter wreaths that will bring holiday cheer to your Christmas decor. Christmas wreaths are often made with fir, but we share alternative wreath supplies that could inspire this year's front door.