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That is what friends are for

Kenora, Ontario My friend Cuyler Cotton snapped this on his way back from Thunder Bay.

awwww-cute: My family’s newborn mini horse and cute little girl pose for photo shoot Children and Kids with Horses Learn about

I swear waiters just lurk around your table waiting for the moment when your mouth is completely full to ask if you need anything else. <<THEY DO I SWEAR

Me and my Pony

Oh my goodness, a tea party with a pony! Little girl in beautiful green dress sharing her cake with a cute little paint colored pony with a cute busy mane! That pony is really liking the cake!

Freddie, the Farmer's Jack Russell Dog leaps on the back of his Neighbour’s Shetland Pony Daisy for a trot around the Paddock in Flaxley, Gloucestershire, England - Cute Farm Friends

winter friends

Dapple grey horse and husky dog in the snow. Just beautiful! - These two look like they are best friends!