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Kanda Yuu

Kanda Yuu | Sa-yo

Kanda Yuu | Sa-yo

Kanda Yuu

D. Gray man, Blue Exorcist AND Ghost Hunt! Haven't seen Blue exorcist yet and I am working my way thought Ghost hunt.


Gray man, Blue Exorcist AND Ghost Hunt! I've only read the ghost hunt manga. I didn't know there was a anime for it.

I've started to watch D.Gray Man. My friend has got me fangirling over it now 0.0

An exciting action packed exorcist series - D. Gray-Man

Tags: Anime, Lotus, Wet, D.Gray-man, Allen Walker, Yuu Kanda, Wet Hair

Browse D.Gray-man Allen Walker collected by Déjà Vû and make your own Anime album.

D.Gray-man - Allen Walker, from D.Gray-man Illustrations: Noche

Self scanned from D.Gray-man Illustrations: Noche Please do not upload to AP.

D.Gray-Man, Allen and Timcanpy

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー), Moyashi (Bean Sprout, Kiełek fasoli), The Destroyer of time, Baka Deshi (Idiot Apperentice)

Lavi (D. Gray Man) --shut up, pinterest,  I don't care that I've already pinned this!

Lavi (D. Gray Man) Guys never has my heart fluttered so fast for a real guy. What an anime character does this to me!

Tyki D. Gray Man

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