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"Someone finally spelt my name right"

he/him, panace, pastry chef, artist, australian~ art tag:twitch arts (if you want to tag my art as kin ask first)

The boy promises that Godot will return tomorrow, but postpones Godot's return with every day that he visits. Taking into account the cyclic nature of the plot, the odds are Godot will never arrive, and because Vladimir and Estragon do not seek their own meaning, they are stuck forever. The boy will continue postponing Godot's arrival until the end of time.

Daddy's not coming back. My husband's not coming back. Narcopaths don't come back after they ruin and destroy their family.

REGENERATE https://www.wattpad.com/story/70629566-regenerate-part-three-marvel

even if the mere notion of you is close to being ethereal, one could not deny of you being sinful.