your zodiac sign as|| As a Sagittarius I am happy to be a villain and blow things up.

I'm an Aquarius. Now to decide whether to be a villian or hero.<<<<<I am a Virgo and I'd much rather be a hero, however my villain power is rather nice too. but I'll be needing my hero superpower in the mere future

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Horoscopes Quotes : QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Creds to Horoscope Posts.s on insta if you have a dom sign, uou can check that one

Photo: Things that you might find attactive.. #Horoscope #Zodiac Follow for more!! xD

Photo: Things that you might find attactive. >> You can also use your moon and venus as well

Or all of the above...

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pinterest: @ gaaabbriellaa ♡

pinterest: @ gaaabbriellaa ♡

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