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Hermione Granger by WiebkeArt I absolutely love this Hermione by WiebkeArt it was done beautifully and truly represents Hermione.

Voldemprt looks funny with hair and a nose...

It has now been 14 years since the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher& Stone, was released in France (December Are you wondering what the actors who played Harry Potter, Hagrid, Hermione or Weasley - among others - look like.

La suite de mon autre RB, on commence une nouvelle ère avec ma vie ! … #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad

Rantbook d'une folle psychopathe perverse fan de mangas ! ( RB 2 )

Harry Potter Anime Fanart

The Harry Potter Cast Reimagined as Anime Characters

Harry Potter - Severus Snape x Lily Evans - Snily << MY FEELS I would so watch a Harry Potter anime which is all about snape and lily/snily

These are so amazing

These are so amazing


Hermione & Crookshanks - every nerdy girl needs a cuddly cat to keep us company during midnight reads

Potter team

Harry, Ron & Hermoine Harry Potter Chibi by ichan-desu. It looks like they are trying to kill each other because green is the color for the killing curse