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Adrien x Marinette

Chats face when she said I want to have a baby! His like hell yeah

Imagen relacionada

Imagen relacionada

Notice the love-birds haven't got awkuize YET

Chat Noir,other characters , and lady bug image from season one hmmm I wonder witch ones ladybug and chat noir

Clhoe be like "The fuck she actually stole my man"

Clhoe be like "The fuck she actually stole my man"<<<Well he was never yours to begin with Chole

i´m not that happy with the big picture. marinettes hands O.O omg...i´m sorry xD hope you like it page 5: 19gioia93.deviantart.com/art/M… page 7: 19gioia93.deviantart.com/art/M&hel...

Yeah I played along with the mermaid style XD (I just wanted to do some sketches but turned out to be more XDD) And I'm working on a comic to this too ^^ Little mermaid AU

Adrien/Chat Noir

Adrien/Chat Noir

..... But then came the day when I found out. She had been taking a different route to class so that she could be with him. I walked the whole way to class that day watching them from downstairs, holding hands and being happy together. It hurt really bad but we were still best friends. I lost all trust in him and he became a constant reminder of what he took from me. There were another few weeks of this. I avoided him as much as I could because everything about him, his voice, his presence…

More miraculous users means more competition for Chat XD (Miraculous Ladybug, fox, bee, Chat Noir, shipping)---Poor chat

Nuevas transformaciones de ladybug

"Breathe And Move Underwater" No, I don't think you understand, EVERYTHING can move underwater.

some more circus au by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

some more circus au by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt I actually have a fanfic about a miraculous circus


Marichat, Adrienette ou oq for, oq importa é que eles fiquem juntos.