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Windows 8, Made on Mac :D

The guy in the picture above is named Bill Flora, and according to the caption accompanying his smiling face from this CNET article, Bill's a key leader on

fucking cool! giant nintendo!

Playing Super Mario On the World’s Largest NES Controller Is Bloody Difficult

Steven Taylor, Shelby White & Shawn Pyfrom at NYLON Guys Magazine + ASOS Event in New York City

Photographer Steven Taylor, Shelby White, Shawn Pyfrom at NYLON Guys + ASOS Celebrate the October/November issue & launch of the ASOS Campaign

LinkedIn's Cardmunch app allows you to digitize your collection of business cards

Have you used CardMunch? As a Social Mobile Financial Advisor, you can utilize this App to connect online with everyone you meet offline! It's free, and it's part of Linkedin.

Guaranteed to make you smile - Quadruplets by Improv Everywhere.

Quadruplets by Improv Everywhere

$19.99.  Pure Color Off Shoulder Side Split Dipped Hem Knit Jumper

Pure Color Off Shoulder Side Split Dipped Hem Knit Jumper

ACHICGIRL Heathered Turtleneck Off-the-Shoulder Knit Sweater If I could find a sweater like this long enough for my torso that would be amazing.

Nitrozac and Snaggy of The Joy of Tech did some eavesdropping during the holidays, and discovered the New Year's resolutions of lots of tech celebrities.

Comic: New Year's Resolutions of the Tech Stars

The few minutes I spend scrolling through my news feed are accompanied with a cup of coffee.  I  don’t want to see how your C-section scar is healing or the 42 staples in your husband’s leg.

Funny thing is, i'm the only one in my family who remembers this from Finding Nemo lol.

After Branden Whitehead, 20, was struck by a car making the FIFTEEN MILE walk home from school, good samaritan Vanessa Peebles donated her car to him. Now his once 4 1/2 hour trek, only takes 15 mins. The only condition? To keep the car, he has to stay in school. Says Ms. Peebles, " I want to see you [Branden] a surgeon one day"

Stranger's Act Of Kindness Will Help Georgia College Student Achieve His Dreams

Vanessa Peebles Donates Car to 20 yr. old med student who walks miles to school.

Montana Cox, Caitlin Lomax and Others Model the Fall Collections for Vogue Australia by Nicole Bentley #editorial #fashion #studio

brave new look: montana cox, gabby westbrook-patrick, lydia willemina collins, caitlin lomax, alicia kuczman and victoria anderson by nicole bentley for vogue australia august 2012

Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. (Garage study).

Workspaces of famously creative people: William Buckley, author and commentator.

Five Best Budget Computer Monitors

Five Best Budget Computer Monitors