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Ahh my smol beans were so precious... I mean they still are but look at fetus Jøsh and Tyler

Ahh my smol beans were so precious. I mean they still are but look at fetus Josh and Tyler

Omg Tyler you're so freaking cute. .. congrats on your win guys at the bilboard awards :O

Like honestly what fucking band has 21 people in it(and don't fucking say an orchestra cause they aren't bands and they have more than 21 people)

{Tyler Joseph} Tyler is a junior. He is often the cuddly type of guy. He likes making people happy, often doing it through music. He plays ukulele, guitar, and bass, and he will walk around campus playing random songs.

Happy birthday you smol bean. I know it's not really Harry Potter but I love twenty one pilots and it the lead singer birthday so happy birthday again

pinterest: ☆nbhdsinner☆

Pretty sure he's actually reading a letter a fan wrote him but this is cropped amazing

Twenty One Pilots

Everybody gets a meme