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How to piece a quilt backing to fit your quilt. Diagonal_Ex_3b1

Easy to use calculator which quickly calculates the fabric needed for diagonal backing a quilt. Can also be used for quilt batting. Saves batting and fabric.

Lynne Wilson Designs/Back It Up #1.  A pattern for a pieced quilt backing 68" x 98"

'Back it Up' pattern 1 by Lynne Wilson (Designs/Back It Up A pattern for a pieced quilt backing measuring x

Quilt backing by Laurie Vandergriff

Way to feature 1 quilt block by Laurie Vandergriff

quilt back -- Love the quilting, too!

quilt back. When your back fabric isn't quite big enough. Instead of buying an extra length of back fabric, just add a row of front quilt scraps! I like nice backsides!

No Prints Allowed Quilt Back-I LOVE the different quilting in each block

The rainbow "L" is great, but I really love how you can see that each block is quilted differently on this quilt back


Backing a Quilt Idea Take the leftover fabrics from the quilt and cut them into strips to make a matching stripy section on the back. I really LOVE having a bit of extra on the back!

How to increase the size of a quilt back without adding borders: genius!

Making an Art Backing

I am often asked how a backing that is too small can be increase in size so that it would have sufficient allowance for it to be attached to the rollers on my quilting machine, and to be clamped, t…

Flat Sheets as Quilt Backings

When I began quilting, I found myself pondering alternative quilt backings because I really dislike piecing quilt backs and ba.