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These are self portraits by the amazingly talented 16 yr old Christina Otero (compiled by me:) She is gifted with a lovely sense of colour & humour- Ohhh! To be so young & talented :)

orange picture ~ no lipstick ~ very neat and very subtly classic (very balanced to the other dresses) ~ cute ~ almost stylish ~ 🍋


My Dark soul in words and my Glam side in pics, Thanks for folllowing . For more you can join me on ladydarkglamcolored

Chiara Anna ..Dolcemente la notte scorre mentre la luna risplende dalla mia finestra..Vorrei guardarla con te.. e sognare, volare ..verso l’infinito..

Dean Bradshaw is an advertising photographer and director based in Los Angeles, California known for dramatic and stylized photography.

I am still Henley. But you're not the Hayden I used to know. In fact, you're not Hayden at all, Nicholas.  [Sneak-peak of my Wattpad story 'Henley'. Ongoing so not uploaded yet]

❝So you think you can moonwalk out of our lives and then just waltz back in❞. I try to sound calm even though I am boiling at one hundred degrees inside.