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Couch made out of pallets....don't like the purple but like the couch layout

DIY Pallet Couch: Best Place for Your Family

Pretty cheap easy to craft garden furniture for your backyard. It don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be beautiful. In your spare time, you can use your creativity and make yourself a n…

DIY Pallet Patio Furniture

Wooden Pallet Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Transport pallets turn out to be a great give up within the area of furnishings and DIY we surprise you today with incredible Wooden Pallet Outdoor Furniture.

A nice hanging lounge that could fit perfectly in your backyard if you have a large tree with good sturdy branches to hang it! Or maybe it could find a place under a deck or on a porch.

Palettenkissen Palettensofa Palettenpolster Kissen Sofa Polster Indoor Outdoor Sitz+Rückenkissen Anthrazit

Palettenkissen Palettensofa Palettenpolster Kissen Sofa Polster Anthrazit Grau in Garten Terrasse, Möbel, Auflagen

meubles en palettes, bancs et une table en palettes peintes

Idées originales de meubles en palettes

re-using shipping PALLETS I get a lot of these when new flooring/tiles arrive by truck


painted off/white with heshem bag colored chair base scattered with cushions that are colors that take you to the seaside: warm red orange and yellow contrasted with shades of blues and greens.

27072353_1007957832709449_2528999319474858122_n.jpg 960×732 pixels

27072353_1007957832709449_2528999319474858122_n.jpg 960×732 pixels

Our new cinder block bench!

Garden benches provide a cozy corner for us to relax and even take a nap. Spring is here, so if you don& have a spot where you can sit and talk with your partner, family

DIY concrete block bench seating | furniture design | awesome DIY inspiration

This is the most amazing outdoor patio DIY cement block bench that almost anyone should be able to make themselves at home with great success!