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The Divergent Series

The definitive box set for Divergent fans! On sale January this four-book set includes paperbacks of the three books in Veronica Roth's New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy, plus the companion volume, all wrapped up in a dazzling keepsake box.

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Booktopia has Delirium (The Special Edition), Delirium Trilogy : Book 1 by Lauren Oliver. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Delirium (The Special Edition) online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

If I Stay Collection by Gayle Forman. “I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.” Follows Mia and her impossible decision after a fatal car accident. Finished If I Stay December 2014

If I Stay Collection Boxed Set. I read both books! Just saw the If I Stay movie.

Harry... you may be considered a children's series, but I will be reading your adventures 'til I'm old and grey.

Harry Potter has been in my life since I was 9 years old. I feel like my childhood is dead now that the books and movies are done. :( but I'll re-read and re-watch every single one and never get tired of them!

Book Vending Machine. In Toronto we have the Book-o-matic, but these should be everywhere!

I don't care what books would be in a book vending machine. I would buy one because it would have come from a BOOK VENDING MACHINE!

I haven't read Divergent or Lighting Thief yet. And I refuse to see Divergent until I read the books soo...yeah.

Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter>>> Almost all of them! I haven't read the hunger games yet which makes me sad :(

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OMG I just saw this movie for the first time and it was OMG amazing OMG OMG OMG. I've read the books twice but the movie was really good.

Someones jealous.. Epppppp

Ay, only I can talk to my woman like that. Back off I never noticed that until i saw this post, love them all so much and hopefully someday Sheo will happen

You should get this in the film so you know who's who compared to the book!!

The divergent characters If you didn't notice, the backgrounds have each of their faction symbols I can't wait to see the movie

Try this! I am divergent

Divergent Faction quiz I got Divergent but I think I am a combination of Abnegation, Candor, and Erudite (maybe Amity or Dauntless but not so sure)

It's too much

SPOILER ALERT This is the end of Allegiant. Well, not the end, but the part that will make you want to curl up into a ball and die.<<< I haven't read allegiant yet gosh darn!

The Testing (The Testing Trilogy Series #1) - In my opinion, it's really the perfect cross between Divergent and The Hunger Games...It's one of my favorite books!

The Testing

The Testing (The Testing Trilogy Series - Sixteen-year-old Malencia (Cia) Vale is chosen to participate in The Testing to attend the University; however, Cia is fearful when she figures out her friends who do not pass The Testing are disappearing.