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9 Qualities of Great Yoga Teachers

Does your Plank Pose feel shaky and unstable? Here are 5 common misalignments in Plank Pose and how to fix them! You'll be feeling stable in no time.

5 Common Misalignments in Plank Pose

This week's version of the Week in Yoga has some great yoga pose how-tos, how to combat PTSD with yoga, and how to stay calm as we move into the holidays.

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It's funny that our Aroma Breathing Signature Technique gives you the same benefits that are used in Yoga. warrior breath, or ( oo -jai) breath. Yoga it's in through nose, out through nurse, with soft palate lowered to create a hissing (?

5 Things Every Yogi Should Know

The worst yoga teacher ever. Guy teachers, you've been warned.

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Men in Bikram. Funny craigslist ad: Yoga Mat For Sale.

We're sending one lucky winner + a friend to Tulum for two days, where you can do yoga and hang out in BIKYNIs all day. Namaste.  Enter to win here: http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=b31742abc54b08747a605552a&id=03c9a36e6b&e=438ba86efd

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ✨ is featured in the Goddess Bra & High Waisted Airbrush Leggings. is featured in the Trace 2 Bra & Talia Leggings.

7 Reasons to Find Your SUP Yoga Groove

Are You Living Your Yoga, or Are You Just Doing Yoga? "Yoga means "to yoke." It means complete union with the supreme source. It is total connectedness to all that is.

Yoga heilt Körper und Seele

Yoga has been shown to improve balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. Did you know that Yoga also reduces stress and anxiety?

Arm Balance Mini-Tutorial: Eka Pada Koundinyasana II | Yoga International

Alignment Tips for a Wobble-Free Half Moon Pose

Key stabilizing actions for creating a happy, balanced half moon pose. Start your free trial today more expert yoga tips and tricks.

not exactly at the pure. love. yoga. studio, but such a beautiful picture of one of our faves, Stacy Gibson

not exactly at the pure. studio, but such a beautiful picture of one of our faves, Stacy Gibson