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The Horse with saddle walking cane  New fully functional High-quality Stylish Wooden Walking Stick Cane for men and women _______________________________________________________________________________  ITEM DESCRIPTION  This cane designed in the GC Artis Creative Workshop, Ukraine The Unique Walking Sticks, Handmade Walking Sticks, Hand Carved Walking Sticks, Walking Sticks And Canes, Wooden Walking Sticks, Walking Canes Men, Wooden Walking Canes, Wooden Canes, Dremel Wood Carving
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Designer Art Wooden Cane Walking Stick Horse with Saddle - Animal Wood Carved Walking Cane handle best gift for man woman old elderly people

Product details
The Horse with saddle Walking cane
New fully functional Stylish Wooden Walking Stick Cane for man & woman
This Horse walking cane designed in the GC Artis Creative Workshop, Ukraine
The Walking Stick is consist of two parts: the handle connected with the shaft using 6 mm screw connection
You will love a natural and pleasent to touch material of the handle
SIZE: up to 36 inches in length
SUPPORTS: up to 300 lbs
USE: unisex, well for right-handers & Left handers
WEIGHT: 470 gram approx
PROCESSING: Woodworking
ARTIST: Maestro Michael Koval
FUNCTION: This unique design cane fitting as an additional fashion accessory, underlying individual style for men & women, ladies & gentlemen over city avenues and suburb/village lanes, or walking in the wild district as additional Protection against wild animals as well as a pleasant walking instrument for old elderly people.
Also this stylish walking stick will be an excellent addition for any art collection, an original gift idea for Birthday, Mother's / Father's / Veteran's day or an unusual prop for an costume party, original photo set, theater or movie staging
It is designed to be perfectly balanced for walking conveniently in raised reliability.
Recommendations for use
1. Please take care of cane from falling onto a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt, or ceramic tile. It tends to fall if you left a cane to lean on the wall and can get a crack or delicate details or fracture. So we recommend to use a hand strap.
2. Before use, make sure the screw connection is tightly screwed. Otherwise, you may get unstable support or damage the cane. This connection is designed for convenient shipment or transportation of a walking stick when traveling in luggage is not often only. But this is not intended for every day assembly / disassembly. The meteoric thread can become weak after a frequent cycle of twisting and untwisting.
3. Please check that you are leaning on the cane correctly. The main force should be directed as close as possible to the shaft but not the rear end of the handle. Incorrectly positioning can cause shaft bend and discomfort and even breakage of the shaft.
4. Use the right tip. Each GC-Artis cane has a standard, NOT medical, summer rubber tip in a set. If you need a winter tip or a medical one (made of softer material provides enhanced cushioning) you should buy it additionally at medical store. Also use soap or candle wax to put a rubber tip on easily.
Sizing recommendations
1. The optimal length of the cane is a very individual parameter. It depends not only on your height but also on the length of your arms, the posture, the manner of walking and the thickness of the soles of the shoes you wear.
2. Usually we propose to send the standard 36 inches length walking stick cane. If necessary, you can shorten a wooden shaft on a place easily using any saw. You'll receive the rubber tip in the set which hidde any traces of cutting. It is a good idea to use a paint tape to protect the wood from splitting while cutting off the shaft (wind the shaft above the cut-off point).
3. But If you want me to cut your cane before sending, please try to determine the optimal length very accurately using standard method you will find in Google, but do not remind to consider thickness of your shoes sole! It is easy to make it short but very hard to make longer again.
Storage and care recommendations
1. We do not recommend to storing the cane near a heating appliances and in the hot sun. The wooden parts can become more brittle with excessive drying, and this can lead to a crack at high load.
2. Each walking cane made by GC-Artis has a professional varnish coating which protects against common atmospheric phenomena like light rain or any short-term wetting with non-aggressive liquids. But increased moisture for a long time or immersion in water can lead to deformation of the wooden parts. Contact with aggressive chemical liquids and solutions can destroy the varnish coating.
3. We recommend to use warm water with a soap solution or any certified cleaning agent for wooden goods and furniture to clean your cane. It's safe. After cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth. Also we recommended once a year to polish the surface of the cane in order to restore the gloss of lacquer coating and to remove plaque oxidation from metal parts and minor scratches. Use professional products for polish.
WARRANTY: We provide 30 days full warranty & 60 days limited warranty against manufacturer defects & hidden defects of materials.
Buyer can send item back to us at the buyer’s expense – If the issue is a manufacturer defect a shipping credit will be issued. In some obvious reasons we can accept pictures of defect/damage without shipping damaged item back. Refund or replacement are available.
Dropped or broken items are not covered under this warranty
Any item received that has visible damage from being dropped or a dog / other animal bite or aggressive chemical traces will not be issued a refund
We are not a resellers but the makers, so you will get better service and first prices
PLEASE FIND A NUMBER OF other Unique Walking Sticks / Canes in our Etsy Store https://www.etsy.com/shop/GCArtis
Best Regards,
GC-Artis Workshop owner
Igor Carver
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