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Dining Table Mosaic Top Rectangular, Black and White Rectangular Mosaic Table for Outdoor Indoor Mediterranean living

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Dining Table Mosaic Top Rectangular, Black and White Rectangular Mosaic Table for Outdoor Indoor Mediterranean living, rectangular table . our mosaic table .. Whether for indoors or for balcony and terrace This garden table from Morocco gives your home a Mediterranean flair. Using special tools, glazed clay tiles are used to hand-craft the individual pieces of ceramic into artistic shapes and different sizes, place them in an iron surround . The finished, mosaic plate with the clear lacquer-sealed and weather-resistant iron frame form a unique unit. The top table is made by Resin not cement so to not come heavy. NB : PLEASE MAKE SURE TO COVER IT FROM HEAVY SNOW AND FROST. size : 32/16 inches = 80 * 40 cm 40/24 inches = 100 * 60 cm 56/32 inches = 140 * 80 cm 70/36 inches = 180 * 90 cm Please take a look to our store For More Awesome Products For more details please feel free contact me. All items for sale are Top Quality & handmade. The products are well packaged for optimal protection of your purchases. Personalized Gifts,Mosaic Table,Crafts Mosaic Table,Mosaic Table Art,Table With Mosaic,Mosaic Table Top Art,Coffee Table Mosaic,Kitchen Table Mosaic,Metal Mosaic Table,Outdoor Mosaic Table,Rustic Coffee Table,Dining Table,Table Top,Mother's Day, rustic mosaic table,coffee mosaic table,mid century mosaic,mosaic table top art,outdoor mosic table,art mosaic table,terrace and garden,table with mosaic,dinning mosaic table,mosaic tiles table,crafts mosaic table,mosaic table,moorish mosaic table, Dinning Table Set,Dinning Set,Outdoor Garden Table,Custom Made Table,Mosaic Coffee Table,Outdoor Side Table,Farm House Table,Dinning Room Table,Mosaic Table Top,Mosaic Outdoor Table,Mosaic Patio Table,Mosaic Table,Bistro Table, Mosaic Table Top Art,Coffee Table Modern,Kitchen Table Mosaic,Rustic Coffee Table,Coffee Table Mosaic,Outdoor Mosaic Table,Mosaic Table Art,Bedside Table Mosaic,Table With Mosaic,Crafts Mosaic Table,Mosaic Table,Bistro Table,Mid century mosaic,table for outside,mosaic outdoor table,Round mosaic table,mosaic side table,Table with mosaic,garden mosaic table,crafts mosaic table,art table mosaic, mosaic dining table, moroccan mosaic table, mosaic coffee table, mosaic end table, mosaic table light, mosaic table pattern
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