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two yellow glass candlesticks sitting next to each other
The Smartest Person Ever Enrolled At Harvard Was Actually An 11-Year-Old Boy
two pipes connected to each other with water running from them
a lamp that is on top of a wooden stand with two light bulbs attached to it
Wine Bottle Lamps – THE CAVENDER DIARY
Summer Hot Sale-48% OFF-DIY Bottle Lights
Instantly turn any bottle into a beautiful lamp, Free battery, Your room will soon be basked in an ethereal glow. NO CUTTING, NO PUNCHING! FEATURES: Extra Thin Copper Wire flexible, easy to banded, and shaped as you like. The Bottle Light is great for creating a romantic atmosphere, it is an idea for any decorative project!
You can still do the same after eating the flower carapace!
two dried flowers are shown in close up
two white vases sitting next to each other on top of a table with light coming from them
Kerzenhalter - originelle Ideen zur Inspiration!