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A Memory of The Marauders part 2

A Memory of The Marauders part 1 Makes me tear up!

the marauders- other than the hights of remus and sirius this is perfect. I always imagines Sirius to be the tallest and remus to be pretty average hight

the marauders<< ignore the language

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I always thought there would be a special friendship between Lily and Sirius because they both didn't fit in with their familes.

As I was reading it, I honestly thought it was either gonna be they each said their own names or they both said "Sirius" <<< xD

I have this here simply because I relate too much. The Outsiders is such a sad book!<--- tbh I just skimmed it

the marauders - james potter

the marauders - james potter part that bit at the end makes me think of when your period comes early