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two ballerinas in white tutus and black skirts, one is holding the other's leg
a woman in a leotard doing a dance pose with her legs spread out
Oksana Bondareva
Oksana Bondareva ballet dancer ballerina studio | 2022-10-09
a group of ballet dancers performing on the floor
Marinela Nunez in MacMillan's Requiem
a woman in a white dress is dancing with a long ribbon around her neck and arm
Suzanne Farrell in 'Chaconne'_Gemini Studio; 55. Photo Max Waldman
Suzanne Farrel
a woman laying on the floor next to a book and a cell phone in her hand
three ballerinas in pink dresses are performing on stage
a ballerina in a white dress is doing a ballet move with her arms stretched out
a ballerina in the air with her legs spread out and one leg bent forward
a woman in black and white doing a dance pose
Dance. Passion. Life.
Olesya Novikova rehearsing Nacho Duato's The Sleeping Beauty. Photo by Nikolay Krusser...
a ballerina is performing in front of the moon
a black and white photo of a ballerina