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a man doesn't need to be perfect to make a woman happy all he needs to do is to be the man he said he was when he first met her
a woman never forgets how a man treated her during the times she needed his support the most
20 Beautiful Love Quotes For Her
two lions are sitting in the grass with their heads touching each other's shoulders
a person standing in front of a window with the quote he broke down her walls without her even noticeing and when he rebuilt
20 Romantic Love Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again
a quote that says when you find someone who makes you feel the same way music does,
a quote on how do you spell love?
57 Wedding Quotes and Inspiring Quotes on Love Marriage
57 Wedding Quotes and Inspiring Quotes on Love Marriage 1
Boyfriend Quotes, Crush Quotes, Losing My Best Friend, Soulmate Love Quotes, Soulmate Quotes
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a man and woman hugging each other with the caption's in spanish above them
113 Famous Quotes About Life That Will Inspire You - LifeHack
a poem written in black and white with the words i love you means on it
For all of those who may have strifes with the weight of those 3 words. If you feel like it's just right...only then should they be spoken. That's what i think anyway. - Relationship
a black and white photo with the words i guess what i've always wanted was someone who loves me enough to match my effort
16 Quotes That Remind You To HOLD OUT For A Man You'll Love FOREVER
an image with the quote but love, i've come to understand that there is more than three words in bedtime love
The Power Of Words Can Change Lives.