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16 colas on this cannabis plant - view of the manifold - by Nugbuckets

"Main-Lining" Tutorial by Nugbuckets: Train Marijuana Plants for Bigger Yields & Flat Canopies

SCROG Vegging Diagram

A bundle of easy to read information about the vegetative stage for growing cannabis indoors. Some SCROG and SOG tips with images and diagrams.

Incredible "bowl" of live weed plants growing in someone's closet. Source: http://growweedeasy.com/sour-kush-scrog-pics-37-days-flower

In his last grow, ogkushog grew a "bowl" of buds, by keeping his taller plants along the outside

How to ScrOG like a pro

The “Screen of Green” method, better known as “ScrOG” is a technique that helps you produce a beautiful, even canopy while optimizing your yield per square foot