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DIY: Top Easy Christmas Ball Ornaments Ideas

DIY Christmas Ornament- styrofoam balls, beads, little fabric snowflakes, feathers and ribbon for the tops.- (smb: use clear ornament so that light shines through. Vellum punched snowflakes work too.

Omg!! I love it!!! :) Easy sock snowmen

Cut the top of a crew sock off. Turn sock inside out, attach a rubber band to top of the sock. Turn sock right-side out again. Fill with rice. Pack it down to make a round base. Rubber band the top of the sock closed, another band for head. Now, decorate!

Easy DIY christmas decorations...the link is just an image, but I assume that they use wax paper and that's why it comes away from the string in the end.

Styrofoam cone covered with wax paper. Use yarn and glue, let dry; remove wax paper and decorate.