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Lotus Recipes
White Lotus Drinks Archives - Lotus Recipes
orange creamsice lotus drink in a plastic cup with a straw sticking out of it
Vanilla Pear Lotus Drink
Vanilla Pear Lotus Drink - Lotus Recipes
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the berry pink lotus
The berry pink lotus recipe combines the delicious pink lotus concentrate with strawberry and raspberry flavors. This drink is simple to make and is a refreshing burst of berry flavors.
strawberry pineapple lotus drink in a tall glass on a wooden table
Ocean Mist Lotus Drink
Ocean Mist Lotus Drink - Lotus Recipes
pink starburst lotus drink with marshmallows on the side and text overlay that reads, pink starburst lotus
Pink Starburst Lotus Drink
a pineapple drink in a glass with a straw
Pina Colada Lotus Recipe