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a woman holding a coffee cup with the words take your love written in chinese on it
an advertisement with chinese writing and flowers on the back of a glove that has been used as a decoration
a white plate with chinese writing on it and a pink candy in the middle that says ta -won
a poster with an image of a cat sitting on top of a chair next to a clock
a pink and white poster with chinese writing on it
an advertisement featuring flowers in a vase with chinese writing on the bottom and below it
a poster with flowers hanging from it's sides and the words hello today written in chinese
a white bird sitting on top of a tree branch with pink flowers in front of it
Happy Sunday and image by Grace Jian- G.J new pin space
a white stuffed duck with two chicks on it's back and the words happy weekend written in chinese
Happy weekend and image by Grace Jian - G.J new pin space