Lady Ireth the Wind

Lady Ireth the Wind

Walking Dead, Lost and Marvel are my way to survive. I need fantasy to survive reality, I am huge Tolkien fan too. I love books so much.
Lady Ireth the Wind
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Dating a Doctor Who fan? 22 things you'll only understand if you're going out with a Whovian.

Well considering whoever I date will most likely be a Doctor Who fan the first few don't really apply.

Great mysteries that can’t be explained…

I lived in Oakland County during the killings & was the age of the victims. It was a tense time. A well known substitute teacher, whom I had lots of times, was a prime suspect.

I Worked For A Crisis Hotline In Arizona, But I Had To Quit After This Peculiar Incident

For a while all I did was field calls, like the other operators. But then I started realizing that some of these people were calling from only a few blocks away from me.

Awww!!! this is precious!! A little girl runs and grabs his leg, and his reaction is awesome! (GIF) part 1.

Little one grabs Hiddles leg and his reaction is adorable! (But are we all failing to notice that the woman in the background is wearing the Doctor's scarf.