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a table with some chairs around it and a book on top of the table that is covered in pearls
Formica LOVE
We had one of these !!! Think our table was yellow!!
a dining room table with blue chairs and a white tiled floor in front of a window
217 vintage dinette sets in reader kitchens - Retro Renovation
Turquoise Chartreuse Diamond Top and turquoise chairs - gorgeous mid century dinette set
a kitchen table with yellow chairs and a white tile top in the middle of a room
Vintage yellow Formica wave table
Vintage yellow Formica wave table
a blue table and four chairs in a room
Trivia Archives - Boomers Buzz
1950s chrome dining set.....There weren't too many homes that didn't have a kitchen set like this one....ours was red and chrome.
a green table and chairs in a room with wooden cabinets, counter tops and counters
Retro vintage 1950s formica dinette
three paper umbrellas hanging from a metal pole in front of a wooden door with shutters
atomic age lamp More
a blue hat with white snowflakes on the front and bottom, sitting on a black surface
two lamps sitting next to each other on a table
Mid-century lamps.
two lamps sitting on top of a wooden table
a blue chair sitting in front of a stone wall with a lamp on top of it
Retro Home Decor | My Home Decor Guide
Mid 20th Century Teal "Gossip Bench" Telephone Table
an old fashioned green stove with two ovens on it's sides and three burners
This is from the American Made time period, when companies and workers would put pride in their products....not the cheap looking tin foil stuff made today.
the living room is clean and ready for us to use in the summertime time
Bears <3 Design
“The organic and warm side of a Mid Century Modern home in the Mcleod Residence, located in Claremont, California and designed by Criley & McDowell 1960.” Photo: Julius Shulman