ODIN Project

ODIN Project

ODIN will provide the evidence to prevent vitamin D deficiency in Europe and improve nutrition and public health through food. .
ODIN Project
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The way that vitamins and minerals work in your body is interconnected. How well vitamin D works depends on the amount of other vitamins and minerals that are present in your body. The other vitamins and minerals needed to help vitamin D work well are called cofactors.

A recent report shows that among frequent supplement users, the use of supplements like fish oil, calcium and vitamin C have declined while use of probiotics has increased in the past year.

Putting the sunshine vitamin in the spotlight.  http://commnet.eu/05_News/Putting-The-Sunshine-Vitamin-In-The-Spotlight.kl

Food-based solutions are being devised to counter the ‘vitamin D winters'.

Vitamin D deficiency also causes strokes  More:http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Hyderabad/vitamin-d-deficiency-also-causes-strokes/article6054313.ece

A study by doctors reveals that vitamin D is associated with a host of ailments including cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin D is being increasingly associated with a host of ailments including cardiovascular diseases.

Food based project for optimal Vitamin D nutrition and health through the life cycle

did you know Vitamin D triggers the body to make its own antibiotics called antimicrobial peptides which have been shown to inactivate the flu virus? read why Vitamin D is your natural defense against the flu.