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Pumpkin cider

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There's a new pumpkin cider this year! From Warwick Valley Winery in SE NY state.

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery

Harpoon Brewery's Pumpkin Cider!!! It's crisp and slightly pumpkin-y, from a great brewery.

Pumpkin Cider - Harpoon

Real pumpkin and freshly pressed apples are combined with seasonal spices to craft this pure and natural craft cider.

Starr Hill Pumpkin Porter. Very good. Virginia.

Boxcarr | Starr Hill Brewery

Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter is a traditional English-style Brown Porter with pumpkin added to the mash. Light spicing allows the subtle flavors of pumpkin and roasty porter to shine through. Fall seasonal available mid-August-October.

good-gourd from Cigar City is supposed to be great.

Good Gourd – Cigar City Brewing

A liquid monument to the glory of the pumpkin, the most noble of all the gourds, this Imperial Pumpkin Ale is brewed with cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla to emulate the flavors of a […]

Magic Hat has a new pumpkin beer called Wilhelm Scream. So exciting

#9 | Magic Hat Brewing Company

Brewing delightful, odd and delightfully odd beers for thirsty souls since 1994.

Saranac Pumpkin Ale is a very drinkable beer. You will be able to have more than one at a time, it's not overly sweet.

Pumpkin Ale

Harpoon UFO Pumpkin (hefeweizen)

Beers - Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery has a large selection of beer, perfect for every type of occasion and beer drinker. Peruse our large variety of Harpoon, ciders, 100 barrel series and mixed packs.