Jaime Filipe, Portuguese Land Artist

Land art is epic, beautiful and environmentally sound. Art and the earth work hand in hand.

medicine wheel

Land Art: Something we should see more of.

Reconstructed | 'Art in Nature' in Belgium

Part of the "Art in Nature" series that we saw on our hike in Belgium. This was by far my favorite piece of the that we saw. The idea and execution were excellent.

Balanced rocks

Jaime Filipe is a land artist who has been balancing stones in Portugal for some 7 years. This balancing act between two trees in the Parque Paleozóico de Valongo is one of a bewildering collection of zen-like balancing stones.


The Sentinel, 15 ft tall, saplings & paint, 2012 at Gilsland Farm, Maine. Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein crow sculpture

landart - Google-søgning

I created this 'leaf insect' with the kids using plant material found in the garden.

Mirror-of-water, landscape sculptures by Fesson Ludovic

In Back to Nature, artist Fesson Ludovic produces incredible sculptures that have the appearance of simplicity, but are actually quite complex.