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Biothing - Bloom, 2016 / BLOOM is an urban toy, a distributed social game and collective “gardening” experience that seeks the engagement of people in order to construct fuzzy BLOOM formations.

I always have need for a good/better vertex to construct space frames. This derivative thing just makes a few 'improvements' to the original

Gallery of "Architecture for Children" Explains Why We Should Teach Architecture to Kids - 2

A arquitetura deve ser ensinada na escola? A experiência de "Arquitectura para niños" na Espanha

© Sandy Agrafiotis Photography

Currently on display at the Portland Museum of Art until May ‘Voices of Design: 25 Years of Architalx’ showcases the power of design through an interactive exhibition featuring work of some of the world’s leading architects and designers.

Clement Briend's public projection series  flippin awesome...but a tad freaky lookin

Cambodian Trees is a digital projection work by French artist Clement Briend who traveled to Cambodia to photograph these sculptural representations of deities and spirits from Cambodian culture overlaid on trees in several urban areas.