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top hat

collapseable silk opera top hat-invented in 1812 by Antoine Gibus. Originally made out of beaver & rabbit. In silk became the popular choice. My husband has one from the 1840 era, which I have posted in another pic.


Hats from the costume company that worked on The King’s Speech. The movie really had some great hats. I especially love these brown top hats. So many awesome hats! All of the costumes in The King’s Speech were great in my opinion-not just the hats.

Other sides

Other sides


Superhero Area Rug by Lunarable, Mutant Hero Floating in Space Planetary Stars Android Milky Way Background, Flat Woven Accent Rug for Living Room Bedroom Dining Room, 4 x 6 FT, Night Blue Orange

Nice boots ..

A limited edition version of Dayton's Service Boot made for Wings + Horns.