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Solar outdoor lamp
Kitchen Garden
Green House idea love the surrounding gardens as edges thinking this will be great at my house with herbs
Stone garden Walk path with lush flower garden and stone shed, with lawn grass, irises, allium, in pink, lavender and blue color theme tones in late spring bloom
Raised Bed Vegetable & Herbs Garden Fenced Gate, stone pebble walkway, protection from pest animals, fruit trees at rear by sheila.moose
Gardens love to be a little bit crowded, but neat and clean. You can fit a lot in a rather small space. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club
I love the area and look
artamanen: “Bukowskis Real Estate ”
I love this garden and I love this blog! www.bumblebeeblog.com - all about gardening, raising chickens, and eating what you grow!
Amazing chicken enclosure...might work for rabbits too...always neuter the males so you never have more than you can care for properly.