pink flowers and green leaves on a white surface with a quote that reads, don't just be good to others, be good to yourself too
an open book with the words if your phone isn't ringing when you're struggling don't pick up when you're winning
💯 @startuplibrary 📈
an open book with the text'minho at his finest d'highlighted in red
Minho at his finest xD The Scorch Trials
a man and woman dressed in medieval clothing aiming at something with a bow on the ground
Reign Photos | - Three Queens
Reign "Three Queens" S2EP6
a close up view of a pink satin fabric
100% pure Silk Charmeuse Satin fabric by JB Silks - Shop
a bag with a turtle in it and the words help no plastic on it's side
Just say NO to the plastic bag
How many times have you run into a grocery store, bought one or two thing and paid for them to put them in a plastic bag? I used to do it. I had an entire… The post Just say NO to the plastic bag appeared first on Harassed but happy mommy blogger.
a girl with ear piercings saying i'm a highschool teacher i sometimes pair my students into groups with people i know they have crushes on it's hilarious to watch
Funny Teacher Confessions - Strange Beaver
I'm a student... but I have a funny feeling that this has been done in several of my classes... to me lol
two people dressed as disney characters sitting on the steps, one is kissing the other
Captain Jack is at it again