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the face of a person with blue eyes and brown hair, in front of a multicolored background
color-analyze yourself like a PRO
Soft Summer - Best Colors
an image of different colors in the same color scheme for each type of paint swatches
Step Out of Your Color Comfort Zone with These 5 Essential Tips (Plus Our Handy Color Cheat Sheet!)
There’s nothing like wearing color to affect your mood in a totally positive way. But most of us fall back on fail-safe neutrals because we don’t how to pull off a hot pink sweater at the office or what color shoes to wear with a bright yellow party dress. Want to wear bold and bright looks with complete confidence? We do! We do! Wearing color is so fresh and fun—let’s fashion forward together.
a row of small cactus plants sitting on top of a white shelf
cactus More
two white shelves filled with potted plants on top of each other next to a wall
the houseplants that clean the air poster shows different types of plants in pots
10 Best House plants That Clean The Air
10 Best Houseplants That Clean The Air – We all know that fresh air is vital for our good health, but what if you’re stuck indoors most of the time? Heather McNicol, from interior landscaper, Urban Planters, shows how just one or two air-purifying plants can make all the difference to our wellbeing.
an info sheet describing the different houseplants that are available in each planter
Our Favorite Plants + How to Keep Them Alive
Our Favorite Plants + How to Keep Them Alive
the color palette for every type of painting
Defining a Color Palette for Your Brand - Blog | Reux Design Co. | Branding and Web Design Education
Color palette ideas | branding guide | Defining a Color Palette for Your Brand — Reux Design Co.
a hand holding an open book with writing on it and a fountain pen next to it
three glass bottles with plants in them sitting on a table next to candles and flowers
Fêtes des Mères 2023 : des idées de cadeaux à faire soi-même - Elle Décoration
Imaginer des bougeoirs via des bouteilles remplies d'eau et de végétaux
the poster for romantic love songs
35 Romantic Love Songs Perfect For Valentine's Day
35 classic love songs perfect for Valentine's Day: listen to the playlist now!
an open book and drink on top of a bed next to two pages of bible
kate edman