Easy Winter Dinner Recipes

Easy Winter Dinner Recipes, hearty and warming with everyday ingredients. Kid friendly and suitable for all the family.
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two images of baked salmon wellington, one showing wellington sliced and one baked and ready to be cut. Salmon Recipes, Winter, Salmon, Dinner Recipes, Salmon Wellington, Salmon Fillets, Salmon Spinach, Salmon En Croute, Spinach Rolls
Salmon Wellington
Salmon Wellington or Salmon en Croute is an easy and impressive way to enjoy salmon. Baked in puff pastry with a delicious cream cheese and spinach sauce, it's an impressive family meal and perfect for entertaining.
a casserole dish with chicken, cheese and broccoli in it on a white plate
Chicken Pasta Bake
An easy chicken pasta bake recipe with broccoli and a lovely cream cheese sauce. perfect for feeding a crowd and great for using up leftovers.
two bowls of carrot and courgette soup on a blue table with bread in the background
Carrot and Courgette Soup Recipe
Homemade carrot and zucchini soup perfect as an appetizer or for lunch. Easy recipe with just 5 minutes prep time.
fish pie with lemons and parsley on the side in a white casserole dish
Fish Pie with Leeks
A perfect fish recipe for colder days. Fish in a creamy sauce with vegetables topped with mashed potatoes.
a casserole dish is shown with peas and broccoli in the background
Fish Mornay Recipe
The easiest fish mornay recipe with cod. Baked in a delicious cheese bechamel sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and baked in the oven. Ready in just 30 minutes
a loaf of bread with carrots and broccoli next to it
Salmon En Croute
Salmon Wellington or Salmon in puff pastry. Create individual portions or one large salmon wellington. perfect for entertaining and can be made ahead.
an easy mince pie recipe on a white plate next to a cup of tea
Easy Mince Pie Recipe
The Easiest Sweet Mince Pie Recipe with a sweet pastry and currant filling. Perfect for Christmas
a bowl of easy smoked haddock chowder on a table with bread and spoons
Smoked Haddock Chowder
Scottish Smoked Haddock Soup recipe, also called Cullen Skink, easy recipe.
the cover of easy tagliatelle carbonara recipe with eggs and parsley
Creamy Tagliatelle Carbonara Recipe
A simple carbonara recipe made with bacon or leftover gammon and eggs and cheese, no cream
a casserole dish with broccoli and cheese on the side next to a plate
Smoked Mackerel Pasta Bake
A real comfort food recipe made with smoked mackerel in a cream sauce with leeks and pasta, great family recipe
a white bowl filled with pasta and vegetables
Salmon Tagliatelle in a creamy sauce
Simple salmon recipe with pasta noodles perfect for midweek quick dinner
fish pie in a creamy sauce on a white plate with lemons and parsley
Fish Pie in a creamy sauce
A great family friendly feed a crowd Fish Pie recipe, perfect comfort food
salmon and spinach baked lasagna on a white plate with a fork next to it
Salmon and Spinach Lasagne
An easy baked pasta recipe perfect for weeknight dinner and for feeding a crowd
a white bowl filled with soup next to bread
Simple Smoked Haddock and Prawn Chowder
An easy soup recipe with smoked fish and potatoes
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Sustainable Winter Recipes
Easy sustainable winter recipes helping eat in season reduce food waste and cut your carbon footprint