Summer Dinner Recipes for all the family

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes that are family friendly, helping you eat in season.
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a plate with peas, rice and lemons on it that says easy and delicious baked god with pesto
Baked Cod Recipe
A simple baked cod recipe with a homemade basil pesto sauce. Perfect for a quick dinner and full of flavour.
a cheesy pizza on a plate with the title text overlay reads cheese plan easy recipe
Cheese Flan Savory Tart Recipe
Easy Cheese Flan recipe with a cheesy pastry crust and filling with cheese milk and eggs than baked until golden brown. Great for buffets, lunches and pot-lucks.
fish fillets on a plate with lemons and parsley garnishes
How to cook perfect Haddock Fillets
All you need to know about cooking perfect haddock fillets with step by step instructions and photos. See how to easily cook on a BBQ, under a grill or broiler or bake in the oven.
two crab cakes on a plate with lemon wedges and parsley garnish
Easy Fishcake Patties with Smoked Haddock
Homemade fishcakes with flaked smoked haddock, potatoes, lemon zest and parsley. Perfect for lunch of dinner and with some great serving suggestions and easy to follow instructions. Check out the recipe.
a white bowl filled with rice and vegetables next to lemons, asparagus and parsley
Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Risotto
A deliciously creamy salmon risotto made with smoked salmon or salmon fillets. Flavoured with lemon and lots of green vegetables
the recipe for tuna pasta bake is shown
Tuna Pasta Bake
An easy tuna pasta bake recipe with a creamy tomato sauce and added vegetables making this a perfect family friendly meal for busy days.
two bowls filled with soup and tortilla chips on top of a blue table
Low calorie Curry Recipe
Easy prawn balti curry recipe, medium spice and made with fresh tomatoes. Ready in just 20 minutes.
a white plate topped with pasta covered in salmon and parmesan cheese next to lemons
Salmon Carbonara Recipe
Delicious Smoked Salmon carbonara recipe without any cream. Perfect for entertaining or as a brunch and ready in just 15 minutes
a plate of pasta with tomatoes and parmesan cheese next to it on a blue table
Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe
Simple homemade passata pasta sauce recipe packed with 5 Mediterranean vegetables perfect for lasagnes, pasta bakes and casseroles.
two stuffed red peppers on a white plate with lemons in the background and text overlay that reads roasted red peppers stuffed with concocious & feta cheese
Greek Stuffed Peppers
Easy greek stuffed red pepper recipe with Mediterranean couscous and feta cheese. Ready in 30 minutes and perfect as a main, lunch or side dish
the recipe for easy chicken and chozo risotto
Easy Chicken and Chorizo Risotto Recipe
Simple no stir chicken and chorizo risotto recipe, perfect for leftover chicken, with red peppers and peas, ready in 30 minutes.
a blue plate topped with pasta covered in sauce
Creamy Salmon Pasta Recipe
Simple salmon pasta recipe with creme fraiche and no cream. Ready in under 20 minutes
spinach and ricotta lasagna on a white plate
Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne
Easy Vegetarian lasagne with spianch and ricotto
two bowls filled with vegetables and rice on top of a white table next to limes
Vegetarian Thai Green Curry
A quick thai vegetable curry suitable for vegans and ready in 30 minutes
an easy vegetable pasta bake in a casserole dish with spinach and cheese
Easy Vegetable Pasta Bake
A simple vegetarian pasta bake recipe great for feeding a crowd