Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte, British novelist and author of Jane Eyre, one of the most popular English novels of all time. The eldest of the three famous Bronte sisters, and one brother, all writers.

Queen Victoria

Photograph of Queen Victoria, 1882 - Victoria wearing her small diamond crown Photograph by Alexander Bassano, 1882

Castle in the mid-1800s

Bratislava 1850 - Stránka o šľachtických rodoch

Jane Eyre

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Corset in the 1800s, symbol of beauty

Corset in the symbol of beauty

Women in the 1820s at a tea party

A painting depicting women wearing fashions of the at an outdoor tea party. Painting done around Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection Stock Photo

Governess in 1800s

Governess in 1800s