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a white bowl filled with soup on top of a table next to a spoon and napkin
Pea soup with sharp cheddar dumplings - Friday is Cake Night
Pea soup with sharp cheddar dumplings, Move over crackers, dumplings are here and taking your place forevermore!
green chili stew with pork in a skillet
Green Chili Stew With Pork
This green chili stew recipe is made with lots of roasted green chilies, potatoes and tender chunks of pork simmered low and slow until perfect. So easy!
a person holding a spoon full of beans and ham soup
Authentic Borracho Beans
A person using a ladle to transfer a helping of borracho beans into a small white cup filled with the beans.
11h 20m
two pans filled with soup and bread on top of a table next to the words falsolada greek white bean soup
Fasolada-Greek white bean soup
Fasolada also known as Fasolatha is a delicious, vegan white bean soup from Greece. It's made with some very basic ingredients but is full of flavors. This classic Greek soup is considered one of the National dishes of Greece.
1h 30m
some food is sitting in a bowl on a table next to wine glasses and utensils
The Ultimate French Onion Soup
The Ultimate French Onion Soup uses a simple trick to make a bowl of soup even better than the one I've loved for years.
a pot pie with chocolate sauce in it on a wooden table next to bread and sprigs
Restaurant Style French Onion Soup
French Onion Soup
a white plate topped with meat and tortilla chips next to a cup of coffee
Anthony Bourdain's New Mexico Style Beef Chili Recipe
This is Anthony Bourdain's Beef Chili Recipe, New Mexico Style. Deep and richly flavored, this is a hearty chili stew with no beans featuring beef chuck and New Mexico Hatch Chiles and Poblano peppers. Perfect Sunday dinner or for your next football party crowd. #recipes #chunky #stovetop #chili #hatch
3h 30m
an image of a plate of food with meat on it and the title above it
Traditional Tuscan Peposo Braised Beef
a bowl filled with chicken, cheese and broccoli on top of a table
Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup - Quick and Easy Comfort Meal!
Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup - Quick and Easy Comfort Meal!